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Every member gets (Premium Membership Policy)

• We will organize workshops,seminars and conferences from time to time to improve your professional space.
• To promote your business, members will be given free banners (for the whole 10 days) on our portal, which will give you a chance to reach out to all our subscibers.
• your engagement with the B2B/B2C network mean direct access to your potential customers, because we have hundreds of people from different businesses and thousands of customers connected to us.
• You are important to us-joining us will make your special occasions even more special, will convey your best wishes, to your loved ones in a unique way.
• We will give special news related to you or your business with news value in our portal and will deliver them to all members.
• If you organize an event, a get-together or a party(at least 200 people), and share with us, your photo & videos, we will publish it in our page 3 column 'it's Happening'.

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